October 26, 2019

We had group head to the trail on Friday the 25th to set up camp and get ready to run the trail on Saturday the 26th. We stayed at a place that we call "Frog Camp", named after an area where we staged the poker run one year (no frogs there).  We picked up trash and white flowers in this area.

Saturday am, we hit the trail running 5N09, 5N09A, 5N87, and the trail from Now Way Out Hill to Lion's Butt and to the Rock Pile.  While a group of us evaluated work that needs to be done at No Way Out Hill, Steve worked the area pst Pecker Head Rock.  Steve stacked the rocks back into place..the rocks that had been push out, down hill.  He put a lot of effort into this section while he waited for us.  While wheeling, we picked up trash in various locations, checked signs and had some newer wheelers practice their skills at Lion's Butt.

JUNE 22, 2019

Ed, JC, Mike and Bernie, Steve Kellerhauls, Chris, Eric, Rick, Sleeman's, Jay Mercer and two Railtown members ran all parts of the trail and the back/side roads.  We hit 5N01-5N04-6N38Y, 5N87, 5N12Y, 5N12YA, 5N09 and the Niagara Rim Trail (Trail Head = Blaze Ridge) to the Rock Pile.  We split into groups and took off with a FS saw man. Each group had to cut and move called trees.  The Railtown people stayed at the OHV Campground and picked up trash, clean fire pits and painted picnic tables, along with some other work.  

After all the snow, the roads looked pretty darn good!  It seems to have packed income of the work we did last year.

Though no snow in our area, you could see that a lot of snow existed at the higher elevations.  

We will do more work the days before our poker run and after.

May 23, 2018

Wednesday brought together a small but eager crew to open the trail. Those in attendance were Bob Newell, JoAnn Balmain, Ed Gold, Mike Conover  and his son, Eric and myself. With us was perspective member Paul Vierra. The 9am meeting at the forest service hqs was short and to the point; safety first. Papers signed and off we went to the turnoff and through the locked gate. Three small groups were formed with a chain saw-certified FS personnel in each group. Off we went.

Eric, with Uddam, and I covered the area off the main road to the start of the trail and worked our way to the back side of Hard Brake hill. Several downed trees were removed in various locations. The trail was a little wet/muddy from last nights rain and it was a little challenging in spots. In a couple hours we were done and heard on the radio that the other crews were in a log jamb on the road from Rockpile to the look out point. Heading there from base camp, we too had to clear a path to reach their location. Several large trees were down blocking the road. All of us pitched and got the job done.

All three groups then had lunch at the view point before heading back to work. From here, Uddam's squad started up the paved road to head of the trail but turned off onto a trail that was new to Eric and I. We climbed up it removing the obstacles as we went and eventually came out to a familiar "Y" intersection. Turning left we eventually reached the dirt road to base camp. Sorry, can't remember all the trail numbers. But that road, I will not forget and will hit it many times. A lot of fun and great views.

While we were doing this, Ed and his party put up new adopt a trail signs and Mike C's party was working on another section. All in all a good day, rain held off but threatened.

Nov. 5th, 2017

Brett, Jace, Mary and Flower went to the trail to do last minute fire pit cleaning as well as trail clean-up and inspection.  We had three rigs and split up.

Brett and Jace ran 5N09, cut through the cattle gate to Sidewall Suicide, Lava Rock, Shale Rock Hill, Lion's Butt, Base Camp, Rock Pile, 5N12Y, back to 5N09, Frog Camp and a few other spots.  They picked up trash, cleaned dispersed camping fire rings and checked the trail for any needed work.

Mary and Flower cleaned out all the fire rings in the Niagara OHV Paid Camping Area and picked up any trash.  Each fire ring had anywhere from 3-8 inches of charcoal/dirt removed and buried or dispersed away from water shed areas.  They then drove up 5N09 checking culverts, cleaning one on 5N09 and one at the "Y" of 5N09 and 5N01.  They went to Frog Camp and cleaned some fire rings there as well.

5N09, heading to Base Camp is still in bad shape and will probably need more work after the winter.  We are hoping the FS can get some big equipment out there in May to fix the big ruts and areas where run off cross the road.

Nov. 3rd, 2017

Ed went to the trail to take the pictures down from our Kiosk by Base Camp between "Y" for Rock Pile and Lion's Butt.  While there, he ran most of the trail and it is in good shape.  On way back, he stopped at FS Station to talk to Uddam and discuss any projects that might need to be done.  

The FS was doing road work in the bad areas between the OHV camp/Staging Area and HWY 108  They were clearing out the gutters on side of road to prevent run-off from cutting over the road again.   Hopefully, the winter will be kind to our road and the work will help direct water flow in the proper direction.

July 15, 2017

We had a team clean up after the poker run.  Groups were sent to Lion's Butt and the Rock Pile (common places where participants play on Saturday night).  Trash was picked up and all looked good.

Mike Damaso drove his work quad, loaded with water, to Lion's Butt and worked his way back, checking all fire rings and adding water if any felt warm.  He also looked for left behind trash.  The place was spotless!

Ed had to help a father and son who took their rig to the RP for a trial run. They broke and had no one to help them.  Ed got them parts and got them back to camp.

July 14, 2017

JC, Eric, John, Anne, Javier and Mary went to work the trail head, No Way Out Hill.  This section (right of bypass) was really leaning rigs to the right, making for a trail that could dump a careless driver over.  We cleared smaller rocks out of 4 areas and moved larger boulders into place and filled the smaller rocks back in.  We also moved some old logs and down trees into position to form a web like device to keep rocks in place.

July 13, 2017

Mary, Neal, Todd P., and Chuck went to Sidewall Suicide and threw some rock on the right side, before the drop.  The rocks had been sliding out, making it a tippy area.  

We used dead branches and intertwined them to form a barrier to possibly prevent the rocks from sliding down hill.  We then threw the rocks back up hill.

July 12, 2017

Many members went to the Rock Pile to work on the throat and upper section while others worked at the base of Lloyd's Slide.  Winches were used to bring the bigger rocks back up to their normal location and placed in a way to keep them there for the duration of the Poker Run.  We also stacked rocks at the base of Lloyd's Slide to help participants make the last drop without doing damage to their rig.

Ed Gold worked on the kiosk by Participant Camp ("Y" between Rock Pile and Lion's Butt).  A light and a new batch of pictures was installed.  Speaking of Kiosks, I think Ed was asked to remove the broken piece of kiosk that was at the OHV Camp Ground.  The FS was disturbed that the top had been laying on the ground for a year.

July 10, 2017

Ed, Rick, Kelly, Chuck, Mike S., and Mary went to 5N09 to do some work on the ruts created from the snow melt.  A big metal dragger was made and puled behind Ed's truck.  This smoothed the road and moved smaller rock and dirt into the ruts.

Kelly, Mary and Mike worked on the dead trees that had branches leaning into the road where they would poke motorists.

June 17, 2017

We opened the trail with the FS and a few guests.  Splitting into three groups, we covered all parts of the trail, having to move fallen trees in each area.  This was an all day event that also included some rock throwing at the trail head (No Way Out Hill) and the section between Pecker Head Rock and the top of hard Brake Hill.

January 14, 2017

While snowmobiling, we cut and removed a smaller tree that fell across 5N01.

October 1st, 2016

Steve Allen headed up to our trail to do some easy clean-up.  While there, he checked for and picked up trash at the trail head = No Way Out Hill, Lion's Butt, Rock Pile, and some camp areas. He helped/spoke to visitors (hunters, a SxS group, visiting Russians and Ukrainians, Dave Deaton and friend, and I believe some JJ's were there).  He did some spotting at the Rock Pile and watch others play at different trail spots.

June 18 and 19, 2016

Members checked the trail and picked up any trash that was seen.  They also checked fire rigs to make sure they were wet, buried in dirt and out.

June 17, 2016

Members ran the trail, picking up trash and fixing some areas that needed rocks thrown back into place.

June 16, 2016

Members went out to the trail and cleared debris in base Camp.  The FS had removed dead trees and we cleaned up after them.

Members also went to the Rock Pile to prep the area for the 25th Annual Niagara Rim Run.

Early June, 2016

In early June, we were finally able to work with the FS to open the trail.  Twenty 4x4 in Motion members, FS personel and some members from Mud Sweat and Gears headed out to prep the trail for the new wheeling season.

We had some of our SxS's take rangers through the front and back side of the trail to make sure it was clear of fallen trees and safe for wheeling.  Another group went to the large fallen tree at 5N12Y, cut it up and moved it out of the way as it was blocking the road.  From there, they moved to "Base Camp" off of 5N12Y and worked on moving tree debris.  This area was deemed unsafe and the FS made plans to go back to fall some dead trees.

February 27, 2016 (Non- Adopt-A-Trail Work)

Ed, Rick, Jim and Steve went to Groveland to help the FS plant trees to repopulate the Rim Fire area. Rick, Ed and Jim were able to plant 140 trees in about a 4 hour work block.  This was a lot of quick and pretty hard work, clearing each area of debris, digging, planting and avoiding/moving rocks.  People are planning to do this on another upcoming Saturday.  Good job!

December, 2015

On two separate dates, we (John, Anne & Mary) removed fallen trees that were blocking the FS roads during our snowmobile runs.  People were having to ride around the tree's in difficult areas, so we cut and dragged off chunks that were blocking the road.

September 12, 2015


We ran the areas between OHV Staging, Base Camp, Sidewall Suicide, 5N12YA, Shale Rock Hill, Lion's Butt.  We picked up some trash on the trail as well as trash in some of the smaller camps.  Trail is in good shape! 





Carlos Gang (JC, Kelly, Bailey and Mallory)

Dollard gang (Steve, Kristel, friends Rick and Brian)

Anne and John

JoAnn and Rick

Jim Z. and Marilyn

Eric and his daughter Jillian

Mike and Kim Sleeman



July 8-13, 2015


During this 6 day period, various members picked up trash on the trail and at camp sites all along the way.  Besides our normal "Poker Run" clean-up, we did some trail work, fixed signs, and visited with other land users. 


After the poker run, we received many positive reports by various FS staff.  All member and participant fire pits were out, no trash to be seen and area rehabbed nicely to look as though we were never there.  Good work!



May 23, 2015


Ed, Sam and Sheryl, Anne and John, JC, Steve and Dawn, Rick and JoAnn along with Rangers Uddam and Matt, ran the trail to get it ready for the opening.  19 trees were cut and removed from the trail.  They covered the whole trail, from Trail Head to cattle guard...Hitting the "lookout" and back side of trail as well as the main part that most people wheel.


5N01 to Trail Head to Lion's Butt to Rock Pile. Continuing to 5N87, 6N38Y, 5N04 back to 5N01


The trail needs more time to dry out.


January 2015


Anne, John and Mary removed a fallen tree blocking 5N01using hand saws, snowmobiles and straps. There is another tree that will have to be taken care of later.


October 11, 2014


We had our annual "Close the Trail Run" to do trail work and pick up trash.  16 rigs is a great turn-out and we got a lot of work done.  We ran all parts of the trail, front/back/bypasses/etc...


- Worked on first section of "No Way Out Hill"...Built up right side.

- Worked on right side of "Pecker Head Rock" where rock had been sliding away.

- Worked on right side, just above "Sidewall Suicide"...Getting tippy there too!


Added Trail Signs


- Intersection of 5N09 and 5N12Y (Leading rigs to Trail Head via dirt road 5N09 "Back Way")

- 3 signs on 5N09, leading rigs to 5N01 to Trail Head, ("Back Way") 

- 2 signs added onto 5N87 (one direction to Rock Pile start and to "lookout", another at hairpin turn to "Lookout")


Remove Fallen Tree


A tree had fallen and blocked a section of the ATV route.  People were driving around the tree, off trail.  This tree was just a bit further into the trail than the last super big tree we cut on August 17th.  Route is clear for the remainder of hunting and wheeling season. 


Attending: Silva's, Gold's, Allen's, Brown's, Burgess family, Alamo's ,Mary and Flower, Sparks, Campbell ,Balmain, Rita and Jackie, Hains, Kirkpatrick, Vengris, Beacroft, Gomes, Brett and Jace Jantz, Gomes, Chuck Johnson, Broberg's, Jen and Christopher Blocher, Robert Clark and Deborah, members of the new "Rail Town 4x4 Club" out of Tracy.  


September 20, 2014


The Santa Rosa 4 Wheelers ran our trail and looked for trash and other issues.  They reported that the trail was clean and they only saw 5 other wheelers along with a lot of hunters.  Thanks to the Santa Rosa Club for helping us out. 


September 11, 2014


Steve, Ed, Bob N. and Murph Jr went to the trail to do some work for the FS.  The were in the Barn Meadow area cleaning out fire rings in dispersed camp sites.  Did a little trash pick up as well.  Will go back next Thursday do some some additional work for our ranger, Brenden Kelly. 


August 17, 2014


Anne, Flower and I went to the trail to remove a BF tree that was blocking the quad trail.  We were notified by Brendan Kelly, FS - OHV, that quads/bikes were going around the tree and creating new, unwanted trails.  After cutting about 48 inches out of the tree, we blocked the newly creating routes and rehabbed the area a little bit.  


We need to go back and cut another foot or two off the tree to make the route better and probably rehab a little more.


August 13, 2014


I took Flower out to do some work at the trail.  I picked up trash and cleaned out fire rings at the Niagara Rim OHV Camp Ground

-Walked around to all but one site (in use) and picked up trash

-Picked trash out of fire rings

-Collected cold ashes

-Dispersed and covered ashes

-Fire rings ready for the holiday campers and hunters


Did the same work at a dispersed camp spot popular to hunters and big trailers/RV's that is near 5N01 and 6N24, close to HWY 108.


July 13, 2014


-Jared and his crew cleared trash from the Rock Pile area.

-Mike D. and Steve A. went to Lion’s Butt for trash duty.

-JC and Fabio picked up trash in participant camp.

-Brett picked up trash in meadow camp before Base Camp.

-Mike Damaso picked up trash at “Frog Camp”.

-Mary Checked OHV camp.  All clean and a few campers still there.

-Members cleaned their area before leaving.

-Ed Gold and Steve Allen checked participants and members camp for trash before leaving on Monday.

-Base Camp and participant camp fires were checked and out


July 12, 2014


Spotters on the trail picked up trash before leaving designated areas and looked for any trash while driving the trail back to Base Camp.


July 10, 2014


Mary and Anne ran the trail to check the trail signs and to pick up trash (5N12Y and 5N09)

Dave Deaton, Wayne Elam, Brett Jeff and Jace Jantz, Pop Murphy, Anne Sparks, Mike Broberg, Mike Silveira, Steve Allen, Mary, and a few others worked on the Rock Pile.  Many of the boulders and rocks at the base has been kicked out so we winched back into their proper place.

At the top of the Rock Pile, we cleaned up the last climb towards Lloyd’s Slide.

Using the bypass to the top of Lloyd’s Slide, a rock was added to the narrow squeeze in order to help wider rigs pass through without body damage.

We brought in two logs for the bottom of Lloyd’s Slide to help minimize the drop for poker run participants.


July 9, 2014


The Broberg’s ran the back side of the trail to look for issues (5N87, 6N38Y and 5N87)


June, 2014


Steve went to the trail to check things out.  He said he didn’t have to do much work.


June, 2014


Anne and John rode up to the trailhead to check things out via 5N09.  Things looked good and trail was clear of debris.


Friday, November 29th, 2013


The trail was still open so Jared, Ryan and Joe V. with a few others went for a run

-A 12" branch fell from a tree by PH Rock, it was winched off of the trail

-It was a beautiful day

-Trail was clean and in good shape


Saturday, November 2nd, 2013


Steve went to the trail with some friends

-Check for debris on the trail

-Pick up minimal trash in various locations

-Visited with some trail users


Saturday, October 26, 2013 


-Beautiful Day

-Other groups were on the trail (Diablo 4 Wheelers, another Bay area group, hunters, quads, etc...)

-Picked up trash at OHV Camp Ground, Base Camp, Lion's Butt

-Enjoyed the company and day in the forest.

Attending:  John, Anne, Mary Flower


October 2013


We met the Ranger, Udam (sp?) and installed the OHV/FS sigs near Base Camp, between Lion's Butt and the Rock Pile.  We also pruned the foliage at the OHV Camp ground and dispersed the cuttings arounds the area.  We finished off the day cleaning out the fire rings at all the sites and picking up trash.


September 14, 3013


Steve and Dawn went to Barn Meadow, off of 5N01, and checked the area for trash. 


July 14, 2013


-Members picked up trash at Base Camp.

-Members went to the participant camps to look for trash and hot coals.

-Members went to the Rock Pile to clean up after use from Saturday night.

-Members went to Lion's Butt to look for a pick up trash.

-The FS drove the trail and were told to report any issues to the members at Base Camp...No issues were reported.


July 13, 2013


Before, during and after the Poker Run, members picked up trash form the trail.


July 12, 2013


-It was reported that a tree was blocking the trail on 5N09.  Members drove out and found that rigs have been driving around the tree, starting to go off trail.  Members secured the tree with winches, and then cut it into smaller parts for removal from the road.  The other part of the tree is hung up by branches and a tree.


July 11, 2013


-Trash was picked up on 5N12Y, 5N01, 5N09, the Rock Pile and Base Camp areas.  

-A large, dead tree fell across the trail between Sideway Suicide and Shale Rock Hill.  Some members went out there and cut it into smaller pieces and then moved it off of the trail. 

- Another dead tree was leaning over 5N12Y.  A few members safely pulled it off of another tree and then cut it up and  moved it from the road.


June 13, 2013


Today, I took Flower for a trip to the trail and we did a clean-up in two busy camp spots.  The first area was the OHV Camp Ground on 5N01 by the creek.  Flower dug in holes and played in the creek while I picked up trash in all of the camp spots and the OHV trailer parking area.  After collecting half a bag of a trash, we moved onto another spot.

Heading back towards 108, there is a popular camp area near the 5N01 and 6N24 intersection.  I walked around the area, picked up minimal trash and then headed back down the hill.


May 26, 2013


Rick Alamo and Brooke

Sam and Sheryl Burgess

Chris Beacroft with buddy Shawn

Mary Krupka and Flower

We started at the Trail Head and saw that a big, rotten tree fell at the beginning of " No Way Out Hill.  The tree picked a good resting spot on the downside of the trail and all we had to do was move some big branches off the trail.  These branches will help keep the rocks on the trail.

We continued through the trail picking up trash and checking trail signs.  After "Lion's Butt", we went around the "Rock Pile", taking 5N87 to 6N387 to the "Look Out".  From there we headed back to base camp and drove 5N12Y and 5N09.  The culverts were working with water running through them.  However, it did not appear that road work had been done to the crummy sections on 5N09 (heading towards Base Camp).

The trail and roads that we drove are clear of debris and open.  We picked up trash throughout the day in various places.

Due to snow and theft, we need to replace these signs and add a few new ones:

Trail Head

Adopt-A-Trail, 4x4 in Motion

Trail Head/108 (arrow pointing to the left)   

Trail Head  (Arrow pointing left)

Lion's Butt (arrow to the right)

Rock Pile (arrow to the left)

Look Out (straight) Rock Pile (arrow left)

Look Out (hair pin turn to the right)

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